In July 2020, the hub partnered with Soronko acadamy in the National pre-tech to engage twenty young ladies in the Bono Region to train them in a free two week web development training. the program was desighned to introduce younladies who are intested recieving training on web development in steps of becoming web developers.

The program was designed to introduce the participants to the fundamentals and element of web development. There were fun sessions like learn how to design a responsive website

There was also a mentor session with the Founder of Soronko Acadamy – Regina Honu, who came in to share her experience of her journey as a female web developer, entrepreneur and a thought leader to motivate the ladies which encouraged to believe in the power of technology and strategic positioning.

At the end of the National Pre- Tech Training program, the ladies had were equipped with the skill to develop a responsive website where they were

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