About Us

About Us

An eco-entrepreneurship and SDGs Innovation Lab with global community of grassroosters making impact and social good .  We have provide educate, innovate and incubate start-ups and connect accelerators to leading companies, research institutions, foundations, non-profits, and investors

How Grassrooters Work

  1. 1
    Source Grassrooters

    Working with trusted partners around the globe to source and select top grassrooters with big ideas and a desire to create change

  2. 2
    Explore the SDGs and Eco-entrepreneurial Solutions

    Discussing and unlocking new views and understanding on the SDGs and eco-entrepreneurial solutions with the grassrooters community

  3. 3
    Select ideas

    Facilitating business model innovation, co-creation and collaboration among Eco-entrepreneurs and SDG grassrooters, with input from experts to select to sustainable top ideas with support of experts and mentors

  4. 4
    Provide support

    The best solutions receive support for implementation by connecting the SDG Talents to capital, corporate partners, technology, and local networks

  5. 5
    Develop community

    Building global grassrooters network through the GrassRoots Hubs events and partners connections

Our Vison

To build top grassrooters global community and an innovation hub with leading eco-enterprises and Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) Solutions for impact and social good.

Our Mission

To accelerate grassroots innovations through co-creation, collaboration and provision of support to build new thriving passionate communities

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