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Grassroots Community is membership based network for sharing and generating insights and ideas to ensure impact from local to global level.

Working at the grassroots level-we look for;

  • Business solutions impacting the people in cities and communities.
  • Global Researchers in problems affecting the people in a community.
  • Philanthropists funding projects in communities.
  • Entrepreneurs and Social entrepreneur having impacting lives of the people.
  • Students and prospects entrepreneurs, social investors and philanthropists with         interest at grassroots level.
  • Global Social enterprise, business and foundations looking for talents at the grassroots level.


The sessions in the skill training  program provided  to me by GrassRoots Hub was fascinating and enlightening. I have had a lot of bearing point to take along with the business oriented  skills I acquired  in the training program.

Rosemond Awuah


Going through the Hub’s programme has been a breath of fresh air in a professionally charged environment. The training was well-designed and suited well with the skills I needed to accelerate me the field where I find myself. It has been very beneficial in diversed ways, adding to my capacity to accelerate me as an entrepreneur who was then just coping in the business world.

Jonathan Abayie