The Hub has four years of experience in incubating and supporting innovations within the scope of the SDGs vis-a-vis eco-entrepreneurship for social good

We have an established community of coaches, mentors and facilitators who provide start-ups under our programs with supports during their business development stage.

Part of our incubation support is to provide these start-ups with training to get them familarised with the market segment and assist them to access market opportunities in the Bono Region and beyond.

Incubation program

It is a 4 – 6 month Business innovation and incubation that intended to serve as a roadmap for start-ups and entrepreneurial ideas within GrassRoots’ region; for the economic development of the region.

The objectives of the GrassRoots’ Business Incubator is to:

  1. Advance GrassRoots’ goal of increasing middle-wage jobs through economic growth.
  2. Help advance the Local Government’s objective of promoting small business growth and workforce development in the Bono region.
  3. Help companies to get established and rooted in the Bono region – so that after graduation – they become permanent contributors to the overall vitality, diversity, and growth of the region’s economy.


    Our Acceleration program is designed  to help entrepreneurs or idea-bearers with the highest potential to grow their businesses significantly and get to breakeven or profitability towards social good.

      Afrik Fashion

      Afrik fashion is a solution to craft makers and fashion designers who encounter challenges in promoting and attracting buyers for their art/designs. It provides a multi vendor e-commence platform that seeks to promote fashion designers and craft makers who are struggling to attract and retain customers showcasing their designs in effort to increase patronage of their product and services

      Fashion Industry

      2J Cycle

      2J Cycle is a start-up business to upscale the circular economy in Ghana. The innovators are providing a mobile waste management application to curb improper wate disposal whereas educating users on the 4R principles of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

      Thus an online waste collection and management system that facilitates; waste pickup request, make an order for bin, tracking system for waste collection, referal system to facilitate discount for users ,providing recycling tip and proper waste management tips to educate public

      Waste management Industry